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Play our free games and earn NFTs

Featuring games that offer rewards based on a system of new financial trading called NFTs, or cryptocurrency.

Top Play2Earn Crypto and NFT Games


Want to know how much you’re going to win? It’s up to you, our player! You will earn nft coins for every game you play. If you have any questions, please hit reply.

You’ve been playing Axie Infinity, a game that’s been around for years and is the most popular play-to-earn game. You’ve helped make Axie Infinity one of the top Play-to-earn games on the market and helped make it the most popular game in the United States among our demographic. Thank you!

Thank you for your purchase of the “Best Play to Earn Game of the Year: PTE, NFT, & Crypto Games in 2022” bundle. Before the package can be sent to you, we need to process your purchase and make sure everything is good to go. Your purchase is confirmed and will be sent to you soon.

You have an active membership with Play-to-Earn and have access to exclusive content and member benefits. For enjoy this and other benefits, be sure to login first.

We appreciated your interest in our website and decided to send you the top five Play To Earn NFT games. These are games offering a combination of high-quality gameplay and rewarding features for our loyal players. If you’ve got a suggestion for next week’s list, let us know.

With the release of the Ethereum-based NFTs, you can now enjoy zero gas and listing fees when trading in-game items on the open market. For our beta testers, Genesis collections will be available in the gaming category.

Thanks for signing up for Play-to-earn! As promised, we’ll notify you about your promotion on the first day of your plan. Please do keep an eye out for more information about your rank, achievement rewards, and the payment method.

We’re excited to announce a new way to game with the NFTs. Look for your token in the “My listing” tab. We have also introduced zero gas and listing fees.

Thank you for choosing Axie Infinity, our most popular Play-to-earn game. You helped make Artemia our #1 Play-to-earn on the app store and we appreciate your support!

Thank you for ordering The Complete Guide for Crypto & NFT Gaming for Beginners: The Complete Guide: Earn Money Playing Blockchain Games & Trading NFTs. We’ll use this receipt number to reference your purchase for your case report in our next phase of manual review. We will contact you within 48 hours of this email date to let you know your case is ready for release.

Your request to earn crypto and NFTs for playing your favorite games has been confirmed. We’ll send you an email when the next round of crypto and crypto-derivated token games is available.

You are invited to the launch of our first ever referral Play referral program. You will be able to earn Metaverse NFTs or rewards. Register at “” for more information about the game!

Hi there, your coins were successfully spent. Your new list found here will be ready for you now.

We’re happy to announce we now support etheruem-based NFTs with zero gas and listing fees.

You’re going to like this! We’re excited to see you earn money through play. Contact us at for any questions about how to get started.

Welcome to Steamworks! We look forward to creating a safe and fun place for NFT enthusiasts to buy and sell their limited edition digital items. Kindly follow the to start creating your profile.

You’ve placed an order with KANTAR. We’ll be in touch shortly with more information about the status of your NFTs from free-to-play games.

How to earn crypto and NFTs for playing your favorite games! Let’s get started:

You made it to the crypto games! Well done! Unfortunately, the order has been exploited, but you will still be going home with the winning NFT. Your ticket will be marked as complete and reflected when the orders are paid in full. Expect to see some NFT in your wallet in about 10 days.

Hey there, you’ve been accepted to our crypto and NFT Early Adopter Program and are eligible for 2 FREE crypto and 2 FREE NFT per month! We’ve found this means you can get more value from your games, so we hope you’ll stay and earn more points every day!

Thank you for your interest in Play-to-earn. Each day your game simply earns rewards for you. Our games are designed to give you the opportunity to earn crypto just for playing games. You can win the top games and turn that crypto into real life wealth. All games are playable right on the Play-to-earn browser so the rules are always available.

Fiosbvz says :
Thanks for reaching out to our support team. Your feedback is important to us. For the first time, we’ll be taking Play2Earn to market so it will be a good idea to follow our blog for latest info. Let us know if you have more questions!

Hey! Thanks for downloading the PlayToEarn app! We hope you enjoy this list of the best blockchain games and games in the crypto space. If you want to win more crypto, then download the app and follow our tips to win crypto & get more PlayTOMB’s.

Thank you for joining our platform! You’ve joined our community of gamers and NFT enthusiasts, and your free membership will start soon. If you need more help deciding how to play and how to invest, click the button below to create your profile and get started.

I’m sorry to keep you waiting. We’ve received your email and we can’t make a decision on your request yet. We’re going to respond back to you on Monday. In the meantime, you can ask for a refund on your Bitfun game on Play2Earn’s website by clicking here.

Your game is attached, enjoy! If you need more information about what an NFT is, don’t miss our article on them.

Please confirm this is the email associated with your account and check your inbox for a special invitation to earn your first NFT pts.

Congratulations! You’ve joined the game that’s taking the world by storm. NFTs can be seen with the token app – read more about the game here.

Your TGT Order is complete and your in-game resources have been loaded into the platform. Now you can take your journey on the road with your new friends to get the clan win by collecting NFTs and collect the rarest token in the treasure chest!

Thank you for taking the time to read our ebook on Crypto & NFT Gaming for Beginners: The Complete Guide: Earn Money Playing Blockchain Games & Trading NFTs. To ensure that you get the latest release, please follow the instructions at the end of this email for the Free Gift offer.

We hope you enjoy the holiday season with your gifted NFTs. Your cards will be mailed soon.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience but you can’t play any Play-to-Earn games with NFTs or Crypto. Please try again some other time.

Your Hey! I Achieved! (NFT) quest is complete. Wow, we can’t wait to see what you unlock next! Don’t forget to follow us for more things to earn and win!

Great! Now that you’ve read about Play-to-earn, could you please take 1 minute to take this short survey? We need your feedback to improve our product! Thank you for your time ❤

Hi, you’re signed up for play2earn! We’ll have you start earning your winnings on Tuesday. Check your emails on Tuesday and Wednesday for more information on how to set up your account.

Congrats on the gameFi network launch! Would you like to read our latest article on how GameFi combines crypto, DeFi and ‘Play to Earn’ gaming?


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